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  • “Best service I've had from any sort of maintenance people.”

    I had a massive backup in my kitchen sink. I live in a condo complex and basically backed up sewage from the other units was coming up into my kitchen sink. Yeah. Gross. My house smelled like the alleys behind restaurants. Best service I've had from any sort of maintenance people. I called Monday 4pm and i was told someone would be in Tuesday between 8-10am. Danny Acero was my man! Sure he ended up coming around 10:15 but understandable seeing as it was a rainy day and they seemed to be backed up with a lot of work. He was friendly, professional, experienced, thorough, AND!!!!! He cleaned up after himself!! He even went as far as to clean my sinks which had been covered in grease and grime from the backed up water!! Most people just come and fix the bare minimum of the problem and leave their mess behind but this was not so with Danny. He made sure over and over again that the problem was resolved and I wouldn't be having any further issues with the kitchen plumbing. he also gave a few tips on maintaining my garbage disposal and pipes. if you want great service and a thorough and professional job done make sure to ask for Danny at advance mechanical! i will definitely be using their services again in the future!